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News - 12 December 2010
X-Factor final!
Congratulations Matt for winning the X Factor!
And all the best to One Direction and Rebecca for a fantastic career. You have all my support!

Sat 11 December 2010 - At last the website is up!
Although I’ve had this newly redesigned website ready for over a year, I’d never uploaded it before because I’m not particularly happy with it yet. There’s something missing but I can’t put my finger on it.
Feedback is certainly welcome!

Fri 27 November 2009 - Paolo’s World
Want to register your own domain name? Don’t feel like paying too much for it?
Then Google - who else? - has the right solution for you: Google Sites.
I bought my own new domain name (for just $10 a year!) and created my very own portal in cyberspace.

Fri 25 November 2009 - BRAND NEW SITE
This is it! With the right tools, one can do the right thing. Recently I’ve re-discovered a wonderful little English company (Serif) that makes wonderful software and with their tools, WebPlusX2 and PhotoPlusX3, I’ve finally managed to design a website with a... better look?

Mon 21 September 2009
I'm up to Chapter 15 with the second rewrite of The Vespertine Hour. With a bit of luck I'm hoping to finish this rewrite by 31 October 2009. I must be dreaming!
I've also just started work on a new site, www.thevespertinehour.co.uk.

Sun 11 January 2009
Today I've officially finished the writing of Wings of Ozryel. This first draft is filled with a total of forty chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue; 59,800 words.
I feel good!

Wed 7 January 2009
Last night I presented a new rewrite of the first chapter of VH to my SCBWI writing group. I must say this new rewrite has been achieved thanks to the great editing help that my friend Nicky has given me. I've actually further improved chapter one today as I've implemented some of the suggestions I received last night, and I can say to be satisfied with how this opening chapter works now. It'll be available for reading in full on the Angelcraft website by the end of January.

Sun 4 January 2009
Over the past three days I've read through chapter 1 to 36 of WO and I'm really pleased with it. Tomorrow I think I can start working on the last four chapters - perhaps there are four left.