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Sun 30 November 2008
Last day of NaNoWriMo and I'm proud to say: I did it again! I've won the marathon by achieving a word count of 51,689. Unfortunately I've not completed the novel; I'm still left with a few chapters to write, probably four or five. Considering how busy I'm going to be in December for work, travelling, and Christmas, I have a feeling I'll complete the novel in January.

Sat 15 November 2008
I'm half way through NaNoWriMo with 26,385 words down, 52.8% so far. I didn’t quite reach the target I set out to achieve, not that it matters because I can still reach 29K by tomorrow night if I have a more inspiring day ahead. Today I spent a total of 4.5 hours working on Wings of Ozryel, most of those hours spent at Starbucks, and have reached 26,385 words; another one hundred odd words and I would have reached the target of 26,500.

Sat 1 November 2008
Today I've started my second NaNoWriMo. Last year I wrote The Vespertine Hour during the month of November and won my first National Novel Writing Month competition. I think it's more of a marathon than a competition; in fact, it's about pushing yourself to the limit and write 50,000 words over 30 days.
I'm not so sure I will manage to do it this year, I don't feel as perky as I felt last year, but we shall see...
My intention is to write the sequel to The Vespertine Hour (codenamed VH). The second book in the Angelcraft quartet is titled Wings of Ozryel (codenamed WO). I'll keep the news coming!